Why travel and blog? Why not!

Hi!  This blog is a new work in progress. I’ve never made one before.  I didn’t think it’d be confusing and a bit difficult, but I don’t even know what all the tech words mean!  So bear with me!

So the header is: “Why travel and blog?  My answer is, “Why not?”  I know that there are a lot of travel blogs out there.  Each one has their own twist.  Some use it as a travel diary.  Well, my husband and I love to travel.  If we aren’t traveling across country, our normal mode of travel is to load up our camper (currently a 31 ft Starcraft), along with our three retrievers, and we just go.  Sometimes we plan day by day and sometimes we just wing it.

We are planning to travel much more throughout the US.  We like to see new places, especially National Parks, Monuments, historic sites like old forts, State Parks, waterfalls, covered bridges and off the beaten path types of places. The more unique, old and quirky the better!  We also like to meet people, share our experiences and perhaps learn something new.  If you meet my husband, you’ll see he’s a “Chatty Cathy!”  LOL  That is what’s so great about traveling in a camper or RV.  You usually get to meet and talk to people in campgrounds and parks that you would have never met before!

That’s the plan for our blog.  We will share photos and information about places we stay, places we visit and share any tips or FYI.  We will share the good, the bad, and the OMG of traveling, especially with three dogs!  We’ll keep you updated on our retrievers.  We have a 6 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Riley, a 3 year old golden retriever Bowden and  a 14 week golden retriever puppy, “Happy Camper”  (we just call her Camper).  I plan to keep blogging on her training progress and her progress towards becoming a Therapy Dog.   She is really light now with tinges of gold on her ears and down her back.  She was about 12 lbs when we got her and she’s now a whopping 25 lbs!,  Puppies like our kids  grow up so fast… I have been taking a lot of pictures to capture the true puppy year of awkward fluff to beautiful golden feathery hair.

More posts and pictures should be coming soon…



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