Why Travel and Blog?


This post is titled: “Why travel and blog? My answer is, “Why not?”

My husband and I love to travel. If we aren’t traveling (flying) across country, our normal mode of travel is to load up our camper (currently a 31 ft Starcraft), along with our three retrievers and we just go. Sometimes we plan day by day and sometimes we just wing it. Up until now, we normally travel about 2 weeks at a time because of work commitments. We tend to lean towards National Parks, Monuments, Historical Sites like old forts, State Parks, Waterfalls and covered bridges. We also enjoy the quirky and not so known places. If we happen upon a small town, we try to eat lunch and do some window shopping locally so we are helping the local and smaller businesses.

We want to travel much more throughout the US, starting now with the Eastern US. We like to meet people, share our experiences and perhaps learn something new. We tend to have great chats with fellow campers as we talk about camping issues or what our plans are, whether they are short or long-term. It’s a common bond, shared among strangers.

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