Things Happen!

We’ve had our Starcraft Lexion Lite for 7+ years.  Knock on wood, we’ve had no MAJOR issues. Sure we have had our learning curves with the three trailers we’ve had over the past 13 years. 

We had to replace the sway bar once or twice, the manual stabilizers, repair A/C, the awning and some other minor issues.  While in SW Florida it took months to get it back from Camping World. But we HAD to have a/c.  It cost us too much but that’s just how it goes.

So here we are at Camping World of Bridgeport in Swedesboro, NJ.  Why?  Well with increased rain the domed skylights are leaking.  Two of the three.  Not good timing.

Shower skylight

Some “rigging” repairs were made temporarily last week – with tape.  But now? We’re headed to New York today where it’s supposed to rain – a lot.  


This Camping World is jam packed.  Service has no availability.  For a long time, it appears.

We spoke with a KOA employee about our leaks and he suggested that we find out what type of caulking is used on the top of the roof and use the same caulk inside.  Some caulk is not compatible and won’t adhere to other types.  Makes sense I guess. 

When asked my opinion, I honestly said that we knew the skylights were getting really yellowed from the sun and one in the living area started to crack…BEFORE we left Florida. So now, a month later, more are leaking a little (it’s not pouring in). At this point it doesn’t matter what should have been done. It’s do what’s needed for piece of mind and to get back on the road.  So, I suggested that we go back to Camping World and just ASK what we need to do to get it repaired, atleast temporarily. We did.  Two replacement skylights are in the camper to be installed and sealed as soon as we get to our next stop.  Before it rains.  

The moral of this story is:  take care of any issues when they come up.  Because no time is a great time for making repairs.  ESPECIALLY when your traveling in a new area and have no place to stay, with 3 goldens! 

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