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Our travels so far April 16-May 3, 2018

We left our former home, kids and grandkids on April 20, 2018. We stayed 5 days at Koreshan SHS in Estero, FL to finish up loose ends (like DMV, glasses, purge more things, etc). We then headed North on our way out of Florida.

This past week we’ve been staying with my sisters family at their home in Cornelius, NC. They have a great fenced yard for the dogs to play. (Remind me to tell you about playing with a laser pointer). For the most part, we’ve done some shopping, repairs or improvements to the camper (details to be discussed separately, along with pictures).

Due to schedules, we really didn’t do anything special – which is fine with us because we’ve been go-go-go. I guess the highlight was going to see our nephew receive a $150 scholarship for a bowling tournament in Mooresville, NC. He bowled the 300 in a handicap tournament!!  We’re proud!  🎳 

Pro Bowlers in Mooresville, NC

We watched five pro bowlers finish their final competition. We’ve never seen pros bowl in live competitions- just on tv. So that was neat. My family grew up bowling, though our nephew is the only one who bowls now. He’s really good! Hope he’ll be able to get a bowling scholarship for a college. He very easily could go pro, if that’s his desire. XOXO

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