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Our Traveling Update

Where we’ve been

On January 3, 2019 we shared our travel stats on our Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Day 264 of KevCanAdventures
23,371 miles traveled
31 states visited
3 golden retrievers

We made a difficult decision to stop traveling full time.  Why?

1) Though we could have traveled longer, our cash reserve was getting low so we decided to stop.  Kev decided to go back to work rather tap into retirement funds.  (We are not @ retirement age yet.)

2) We realized we needed to take a break and spread out.  Literally.  The two of us, along with our three large goldens, made it a cozy – yet claustrophobic at times – living arrangement.

Will we do it again?  Yes.

However we agreed it won’t be for a long stretch (10 months) again.


We now have 4 ways for you to follow us and our pups:

  • (this website)
  • KevCan Adventures FB page
  • Happy Camper & Friends FB page
  • KevCan Adventures Instagram 

Please follow us and our many adventures and stories of our life with now FOUR pups!






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