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NOTE: We do not receive ANY compensation for our reviews and recommendations. These are strictly our own opinions about what we like and don’t like! If that ever changes. We’ll let you know!

I first saw an ad on Facebook for these socks. I was curious so I read the comments. There were and still are a LOT of comments. A lot of people asked what’s so good about the socks and why they cost so much. Initially I agreed that they are pricey. So I didn’t order them. Then later on, about a week or so later, I looked at my sock drawer. I had three pairs of Nike ankle socks. Good. But the rest were old, thin no-shows, low ankle and crew socks.  We were preparing to sell everything and go RVing.  My old socks needed to go.

So initially I made an order for Bombass colored ankle socks. It was just a few socks…a conservative order to try them out. I loved them.
That’s all I needed to know. We now buy our socks from this company. I tried the ankle socks first and love to wear them with my Keds and New Balance sneakers. Fun or boring colors. Your choice. I got both. I love the extra cushion at the back of the sock to prevent blisters.

I’ve also have tried the quarter socks and the hiking socks. I need more. Seriously. I bought a 6-Pack of quarter socks and only 3 hiking socks. Not only am I getting arch support, I’m getting ankle support, which I really need because tend to swell when I’m on my feet – or in the truck for long distances – a lot. My feet feel better and are not as sore when I take them off at the end of the day.

So, they make well-made socks that have arch support (my fave), reinforced socks and toes (you don’t feel the seam line). Why are these important to me? I need arch support for my low/flat arch, we are camping and hiking as well as walking our three Golden’s 4-5 times daily (minimum). These socks aren’t going to wear out soon.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the BEST reason to buy these socks:


Awesome ❤ 👏 🐝  Way to go Bombas!


Merrell’s Hiking Boots

Since these are shoes we will wear daily on our trip around the United States, I thought it worth mentioning. Before we left “home”, my husband bought his second pair of Merrell hiking shoes (at regular ankle height). They look like they are MOAB 2 Ventilator hiking shoes. He bought them at Dicks Sporting Goods Store for $100.   I already own one pair of Merrell hiking boots (high top style, above the ankle). I believe they are called the MOAB 2 MID Waterproof.

By knowing that we BOTH have and wear these shoes daily, you hopefully can figure out that we enjoy and rely on these hiking shoes for comfort and support. Besides that, they last. (Unless one of our Golden’s decide to chew on them! It happens!). Honestly, these shoes should last – as they cost us about $100+ for each pair. The expense is well worth the quality and durability.

Until next time….

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And more!  If we’ve bought it or have used it, I’ll write a review -good or bad!

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