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Golden Adjustments

We have three “goldens”. We have one Chesapeake Bay Retriever, named Riley, who turns 7 May 30 (we got her via rehoming) and we have two Golden Retrievers, Bowden 3-1/2 and Camper our gold and white puppy, 8 months old.

The two older dogs are used to camping. They’re from South Carolina as we were living there for five years, prior to moving back “home” to Fort Myers, FL. We camped often in the mountains in North Carolina and Virginia. They love to travel and camp.

We got our newest golden in North Carolina in October 2017. She’s now 8 months old. She was just 9 weeks when we got her and she was ill, so I doubt that she remembers that she ever camped. Her name is officially “Happy Camper” but we just call her Camper. She’s been potty trained for quite some time, but the walking with so many distractions (big rigs, travel trailers, trucks, cars, golf carts and walkers) are really getting to her ability to control herself. It’s not her fault. We’ll work with her and she’ll get it just like the others.

Hence, the adjustments. At our home (sold a week ago!), we had a nice sized fenced in backyard. They had liberties to go in and out a doggie door. They slept where they wanted, including the leather couch, our king bed, tile or wood floors and their own bed – should the feeling move them. Now, they don’t.

In our 31’ travel trailer, me made furniture changes so that it’d open up the floor plan and to take away the constant doggie odor from over the years. So now they no longer have a couch, cool tile, a doggie door or a big bed to partake. I can tell they all miss a couch where they can sit beside us.

What they do have now are their three dog beds and a newly vinyl (waterproof) snap-in flooring. It’s working. Sure, XL dog beds take up some floor space, but we can easily move them out of the way when needed.

Now if I can get them to enjoy their balls and squeaky toys again. They came with us, along with a lot of good treats and trainer treats. Learning never ends.

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