Our Camp Journal # KOA St. Ignace /Mackinac Island KOA: UGH!!

Our Camp Journal # KOA St. Ignace /Mackinac Island KOA: UGH!!

Date(s) of Trip: July 6-9, 2018

Campground Info:

State CG
Federal Land
National Park
✅ Private/KOA/Other: KOA ignache / Mackinaw Island
Boondocking (where)

Summary of facilities, activities or overall trip experience.

The GOOD – The BAD – The UGLY


BAD/UGLY: had to cut time in Maccinaw Island short because we needed to take camper to the RV repair. New brakes ordered – to be repaired Monday.

The KOA Campground is a nightmare. Sold to new owners a year ago. Seeing how BAD it is now, this place should have been in a lot better condition.
Electric is apparently sporatic, especially a few weeks ago.
Bathrooms are needing total update. They are just gross. There are shower stalls sitting outside the bathhouse waiting for install. They’ve been there a while, and we don’t know WHY. Is is lack of workforce? The manager said she needs more help. They had gotten taken by a local installer who never did the work.

Other items noted:
Website shows a k9dog Park. There isn’t. The “dog park”is in a stack of fencing. There is also several piles of wood, teepee polesand bed kits sitting to be installed.
The bathrooms are disgusting. It appears they’re not trying to clean since they know showers are being replaced.
Grass is being mowed by a teen with a push mower.
Someone else came out and used weed eaters.

Story to remember?

We are very cranky and irritated with this KOA right now.

First time in 13 years of camping in a travel trailer that we just got a “warning” for our dog barking. We have 3 – but I know when and which pup.m
It was about 5:30 pm. It was Camper, our 10-month old puppy. She had a tizzy barking because she was hungry and wanted to walk. I was outside with all 3 dogs. I was putting on hiking shoes when she had her fit for 5-10 min. After being fed, she stopped barking. Totally.

Kevin got home in the meantime and a KOA volunteer man came up, said there was a complaint, it’s a warning and it’s the rules.

So now I’m paranoid that if ANY of the dogs bark – which they will – especially if they see another dog or the kids riding bikes by our site every 10 minutes. We’ll be told to leave.

For such a crappy KOA, with an out of state owner and off site managers, they have more important things to fix. Starting with bathrooms and showers. Ugh. Pigsty.


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