Our Camp Journal: Fourth of July HEAT!

Our Camp Journal # Fourth of July HEAT!

Date(s) of Trip: July 3-6, 2018
Site #: 354 and 345.
Due to automated reservations, we had to switch sites after our first night. We had to do it before – and yes it’s a drag. But when we could’ve just camped in the “second site 345” we would have been fine. The site was EMPTY our first night. Grrr. So in the sweltering heat we diligently moved to our new, uneven site. Done.

Location: Interlochen State Park, Interlochen, Michigan
It is in Grand Traverse County.

Total miles driven from last location:

Campground Info:

✅ State CG Federal Land National Park KOA/Private/Other: KOA
Boondocking (where)

This is the first state park in Michigan. The campground is very large with over 500 sites. It is a public recreation area between Green Lake and Duck Lake. Being a holiday week, the park was extremely full, as expected. It cleared out on the 4th, ironically. I assume it’s because many people return to work on the 5th and the fact that no fireworks are allowed in parks.

Main Activities include: camping, boating (there are boat ramps and trailer parking), kayaking, swimming at the beachfront.

TIP: it was going to cost us $9-12 for out of state vehicles to get into the park – regardless that we were camping. So Kev bought a Michigan State park pass (adheres to window) for $32. So basically it pays for itself. As we plan to continue to camp in Michigan state parks.

We paid $25 per night for camping! Great!!
Rent a tents and cabins are also available.

Summary of facilities, activities or overall trip experiencej.

The GOOD – The BAD – The UGLY

GOOD: campsite was okay. Typically of any state park. The city has Fourth of July celebrations during their annual cherry festival. $20 for parking at a dentist. $5pp to buy a coin (like a poker coin) and $6 per drink beer or a mixed cherry drink/margarita (yum). During the festival you can enjoy cherry-spitting contests and other activities. Concerts, etc. We didn’t get tickets to Sheryl Crow. But, we did enjoy fair food like corn dogs, onion rings and cheesesteak sandwiches.

BAD: Since it was a holiday “weekend”,the traffic and kids and dogs were non stop. We always feel bad because 2 of our 3 dogs will always bark to say Hi. Always.

UGLY: Nothing due to the campground.

Story to remember?
First night, we met another family with a 10-month old golden named Luna. She had a beautiful reddish coat. Very quiet mannered and shy. Totally opposite of our Camper. The owner wasn’t overly enthused with letting them play, but he did moreso out of curiosity. I would have loved it, but I knew not to push my luck by asking for a puppy photo!

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