Deciding To Become “Nomads”

On a nice cool night in October 2017, my husband, Kevin and I were walking our dogs when we finally decided to go “Full-time” RV-ing.  It’s not a whim.  Actually, we have been talking about it for a few years about how we could do it and when.  We didn’t want to wait until retirement age to travel the United States.  We also wanted to travel when we both are physically healthy (for the most part) and can enjoy it.  We both have had this thought since his parents and my dad all passed away in their early-mid 60s.  They never truly got to enjoy being retired.  That stayed with us.

We decided that there were three things we want:  Serenity, Simplicity and no debt.

So we started to discuss through quite a few issues as we made this decision.  First, we owned our home and investment property/duplex.  Second, Kevin was still working for Publix (23+ years).  Third, we have three grown children between us and three grandchildren who all live in the area (Fort Myers and Cape Coral).  Fourth, health insurance and getting healthcare for specific conditions is a tremendous concern – that will be ongoing.

Obviously, there are a lot of other logistics to be decided upon as well.  Such as, do we upgrade to a fifth wheel or an RV?  Do we upgrade our truck that has about 140k miles on it?  Do we keep our properties and rent for income?  What do we do with my SUV that runs fine and has 98k miles?

So, for us, we made these decisions that we feel good about:

  1. We sold our duplex (to family – so it was a win/win).
  2. We sold our house.
  3. Kevin gave notice and left his long-time job.
  4. On Thanksgiving morning, we invited just our kids over for “Mountain Man” breakfast.  We told them of our plans and all three told us to go for it!
  5. We sold my GMC Envoy SUV to family…first car for my oldest nephew.  (Another win/win.)
  6. We kept our truck.  Though we really wanted to upgrade, we were not ready to invest $50-70k.  (Plus not add to debt.)
  7. We kept our StarCraft Travel Trailer.  Again, we weren’t ready to make another investment in an upgrade.  Our travel trailer is 31 ft long and has served us well since 2011.  Since we’d be living with three golden retrievers, yes, THREE, we wanted to open up the living area and eliminate furniture that’s bulky, not used frequently or became a glorified doggie bed (couch!)  So, we basically gutted the living/dining area.  We sold the small couch, recliner and dinette booth.  We bought two IKEA Poang chairs and ottomans.  Light birch and light cream leather-type cushions.  The vinyl flooring and carpet was taken out.  We replaced the flooring with inter-locking vinyl planks.  Waterproof.  We have more to do, but we will work in the coming weeks to finish the main projects.  Replace curtains, recover valances, fold-down dinette table, seating for dinette that includes storage (we’re hoping to use stock tanks with an upholstered lid for a unique look).
  8. Lastly, about our health insurance.  We now have COBRA through my husbands old job for 18 months.  Our doctors have been very helpful in giving us prescriptions for 6-12 months.  We have agreed to travel back “home” to have follow-up appointments.  Not a bad deal since we’ll want to see our kids anyways!

So, that’s how we got to where we are for now.   We sold our house this past Monday and stayed at local Koreshan State Historic Site while we better organized – or took more items to storage.  We found we couldn’t quite get rid of everything .. but we have a 6 month lease so we’ll do more purging.  Also we had some other business to take care of before we headed North.  So, as I finish our beginning of our KevCan Adventures, we are going through something very typical of Florida… we are going 30 mph on I-75 about 45 miles South of Tampa.  High traffic area and it’s not even 5:00 yet!

Pictures will be posted soon!

Candy and Kevin plus Riley, Bowden and Camper

Happy Campers

KevCan Adventures

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