Camp Review #2: Withlacoochee, Mermaids & a runaway puppy!


Camp Review # 2: With-la-coo-chee, Mermaids & a runaway puppy! 🐾

Date(s) of Trip: April 20-22, 2018
Location: Withlacoochee State Forest, Brooksville, FL
Total miles driven from last location: 206 miles

Campground Info:

✅ State CG       Federal Land     National Park
Boondocking (where)

Summary of facilities, activities or overall trip experience.


The GOOD:  We picked this camping location because we were going to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. I hadn’t been in probably 35 years and Kevin had never been. I was surprised to see the park busy – which is good. There is a swim park within the front of the Weeki Wachee Springs, which is what we came for. I didn’t remember how they swim under water so long until I saw the long air hoses. So we saw the mermaids perform a skit from The Little Mermaid -all under water. We were impressed with their ability to swim in costume. A little cheesy, but it was fun to see a childhood memory still intact.

 The BAD. our story to remember is the “bad”.

The UGLY:  The campground roads and site a were bit rough.  It was rugged, but in good condition.

Story to remember?
Late at night we walked the dogs. They got tangled in their retractable leashes. Kevin was trying to get them untangled when suddenly Camper, our 8 month old puppy saw or heard something. She took off – with the retractable leash dangling behind her – as she chased SOMETHING. Kevin thinks it may have been an Armadillo or something else that could move fast… because she was running fast! The whole campground could hear her barking and Kevin (trying not to) yell. Well believe it or not, we found Camper. Shaking and hiding underneath OUR camper. How she knew it was “home” is beyond me! The poor little thing was so scared. Kevin had to crawl under the camper to get her. He just held her in his lap, checking to make sure she wasn’t attacked or injured.  She was okay. Just scared.

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