Month: September 2018

Campground Maps: State and Private

We have kept as many maps of campgrounds throughout our travels for future reference for us and anyone who is interested.  We hope they are helpful.  We will continue to add them as we continue our travels.


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More things happen…


Things happen with your camper, especially when traveling full-time like we have.

Some are owner errors and most things aren’t…they just happen. We’ve had the brakes worked on twice, a tire replaced (along w all 4 on the truck), hitch assembly replaced, reseal leaky skylights and the A/C still freezes up – although it was in service at Camping World in Ft. Myers for 2-3 MONTHS (they are not recommended by us for service).

Now we are dealing with window shades that don’t stay up like they’re supposed to. They’re being used more than ever. The strings need to be replaced. Kevin has fixed two with string he found for now. Many to do.

We also have problems with our pantry shelves. When the camper was new, all it had was deep plain shelves. We didn’t like digging through to find what we wanted. So we installed wire shelves that we already had from our house. (They came from Home Depot or Lowes). Awesome solution! Except for making sure the drawers don’t slide out while traveling!! It happened on our first trip as we moved to South Carolina in 2011. Since then, we’ve been doing well 98% of the time to keep them secured. Yesterday was part of the 2% we forgot. The shelves were not secured (we’ve always used bungee cords) so when we parked and opened the door……the pantry shelves and food were on the floor. Screws were ripped out of supporting wood.

Kev has bent back what he could and he has put the shelves back. A trip to the hardware store for some more reinforcements will take care of it.

I’ll be including this on our website under “Things Happen”.

Thanks for following us and our adventures across the United States!

Stay tuned! Kevin and Candy

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Campground Maps: KOA

Attached are maps from various KOA campgrounds that we’ve stayed at throughout our adventure.  We will update as we continue our travels!  

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